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This is a photo from when Beast was still in the band, but as we all like it, this is what you get instead of an up to date line-up.

Here is where you'll find an introduction to each individual band member plus their personal thoughts, quotes and any other contributions...always being updated...requests and questions will be considered...

Each page of the album booklet is dedicated to one of the Rockbitch this is the location of quite a few up dates to come - an explanation of what the song is about and why that Bitch is on that page will arrive on each website page - so keep coming back...the other internal pages and the album cover are being kept back for the time being !

Oh yes - the pics are just small to give you an idea, so if you want the full glory and the new material that goes with it, better buy the album...release date to be announced !

JON EDGINGTON supplied the photo for Julie's CD booklet page, as well as the first photo of each band member on each of THE BITCHES personal webpages. They are copyright to him...all other images are copyright Rockbitch - and are created or taken by the band themselves unless otherwise stated.

...the above image is a poster of Julie ( behind Nikki) Luci and Babe during the Skull Ritual. The skull used was a consenting individual.
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