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I admit it - I do not want to write this section.

Emotionally, I feel that it is no-one's damn business but our own as to the details and origins of the craft as practised by the community. It's bad enough that the band Rockbitch get slated and profoundly misunderstood, without us widening the target.

However, intellectually I recognise the importance of doing so...the fact that there is history behind the band, philosophy behind the commune, and aims behind the extremes gives validation to Rockbitch and maybe a greater understanding...

How strange it must be to those of you who have been to concerts, won Platinum Awards, caught the Golden Condom and bought the album - who know us in one small sense - how strange for you then to read the statement that we are intensely private people !

Just remember what was said in the introduction, about contradictions...

Here is an extremely brief and grudging account of part of our belief system - the minimalism isn't to create an air of mystery, or to try to be 'special'... you can try to read between the lines and/or follow the links through to the sites relating to Hindu Tantric Studies - there are strong links and similarities between our Western tradition and, in particular, the left-hand path, dark goddess worship you can find detailed here.

The written source material for the Hindu tantric sites comes from many different Veda's from over a long period of time - and is surrounded by a vast, established school of study and debate...who are continually in disagreement as to the authenticity, interpretation, practice and meanings of all they contain and pertain to.

My point is that to do our system justice, I would have to write a site such as these, full of details, history and sources...but to what end ? - aiding some dry, academicians scornful study, some journalist's treasured misperception, some occultist's ego need ? Certainly we don't require a sense of validation in the eyes of others, and it is not omission through a fear of critique.

Here shown is the front cover of the year 2000 Rockbitch calendar.

When the German restrictions were placed upon us (follow links to for details) they not only included such a radical restriction of sexual expressions that even Michael Jackson or Britney Spears would be hard put to perform under...not only did they include restrictions of lyrical content that an audience could 'interpret' as sexual, but a whole section on religion and blasphemy was added.

We were forbidden the use of 'religious symbols' - which included any of our own, or imitation of Christian ritual - which we never had done. (Rather, Christian ritual and allegory are all based solidly on age-old, pagan traditions)

Bear in mind that this was during a time period when Blackie Lawless was enacting the rape of a nun in his concerts without a problem.

The Skull ritual, the Sword Dance, and other rituals that we perform on-stage are for our benefit rather than yours ! - with the exception of the menstral/urine sacrament which is offered out in a bonding, connected moment. For us the body, it's potentials, experiences, and all it's products or waste are Sacred. The ritual is not an imitation of the Eucharist.

The picture on the cover commemorates the sole moment of deliberate antagonism ever...but as with the Burning Times, when so many witches died in what was effectively a gender-based genocide ( persecution complex, anyone ?) - they started it.

...but lets turn our back on that for now and get back to the subject in hand...

We are not Wiccan, and we are not Satanists though we do get seen as both sometimes. Actually, we tend to avoid 'occultists' in the same way that we avoid the Fetish scene, the S&M scene, the music scene.

We see the creative essence and energy of the Universe to be essentially feminine - the female principle is sacred...therefore, so is sex in all it's forms - though sex is more than simply bumping bodies with humans.

Maternity and Motherhood are an aspect of this, but a lesser one for us according to our natures and our tradition itself - none of us have or desire children.

The seasons and cycle of the year, and our own personal development as we age are reflected in the three faces of the goddess as Virgin, Whore and Hag.

- A Virgin is any woman of any age who has not had a child, rather than not having had sex.
- The Whore is a woman in her sexual prime - her sexual flavour or leaning is irrelevant.
- The Hag is the Death Mother of us all.

It's not set in stone - the way women are how could it be !?

The Green man and Horned one are the masculine principle - two sides of the year divided by the menstrual flux time of Change...

The inverted pentacle refers to our 'left-hand path' - to use an established term - i.e., that we practise actual sex magic rather than symbolic, and we accept, reverence and ritualise the so-called 'dark' sides to human nature and experience...balance, rather than denial or avoidance...

Other left-hand characteristics are the view of traditionally 'negative' emotions, experiences, etc. - anger, pain, revenge, decay and death - as neither strictly to be avoided, nor automatically detrimental to our experience 'karma' and the 'law of threes' are merely Christian guilt wrapped in a different incense, rather than empirical truths...
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